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What Makes Us Unique?

SugarDaddyMeeting brings together extraordinarily beautiful women and wealthy, successful men. Our site has millionaires from all walks of life ranging from leaders in medicine, sports, business, entertainment and more. What brings all these rich men together is a desire to pamper and spoil a gorgeous woman seeking a sugar daddy relationship. If you are tired of wading through hundreds of boring profiles who are not really interested in a sugar daddy relationship, then SugarDaddyMeeting will be a breath of fresh air.

What is a Sugar Daddy Relationship?

In a nutshell, a sugar daddy relationship usually consists of a wealthy, successful man (sugar daddy) who spoils or pampers a woman (sugar baby) with gifts and financial assistance in return for companionship.

Is sex a requirement?

Remember that a sugar daddy relationship is just that - a relationship. Some relationships inevitably turn sexual, and some do not. Essentially, the relationships between sugar daddies and their sugar babies are all unique and the arrangements are all uniquely designed to fit the needs of both partners.

What is our Goal?

SugarDaddyMeeting's aim is to bring together only the most rich, intelligent, and successful men with the most beautiful, attractive women for an amazing, pampering sugar daddy and sugar baby experience. We literally have thousands of men and women who are seeking a sugar daddy relationship right now! All you have to do is create a free profile with absolutely no risk or commitment obligation. We like to encourage our members to look around the site first - get an idea of just how successful our men are, and how incredibly gorgeous our women are.

Is Money Involved?

There really is no one answer, but you can always ask yourself how much you need - or for the man, how much is it worth. We have sugar babies who ask for financial assistance ranging from $1k to $50k a month. We have sugar daddies who will buy designer clothes to those who fly their sugar baby around the world in a private jet. In other words, it varies greatly.

How Do I get Started?

We understand if you are feeling a little bit skeptical. That's why we've made it so easy to join at absolutely no cost to you. Make a profile, look at our members and decide for yourself. Remember that there is absolutely no risk and no obligation. You can cancel your profile at any time.

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